BRAVE Combat Federation, the Bahrain-based mixed martial arts organization founded by His Royal Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa, has reached an agreement with the cable channel Wohoo in Brazil for a broadcast partnership in the country.

Woohoo is a cable TV channel based in Brazil, primarily targeting young audiences, and with a focus on action sports, music, and varieties, with a subscription base of more than 10 million households within the country.

Starting this month, with the rerun of the very first BRAVE Combat Federation fight night, held in the Kingdom of Bahrain back in September 2016, Woohoo will broadcast replays of all BRAVE CF events to date.

Besides that, the channel will also feature content regarding the Bahrain-based promotion, its athletes, and key people involved in the organization.

Speaking to the Brazilian national media, Alessandra Joannou, one of Woohoo’s directors, highlighted the uniqueness of BRAVE CF and the importance of the deal.

“Apart from amazing fights, the Mixed Martial Arts fans will be able to know the amazing country of Bahrain and everywhere else BRAVE CF travels through the sport. That’s something fantastic we’re being able to deliver to the people watching through one of the biggest MMA events in the world”, she said.

BRAVE CF has a long history with Brazil, the very first country visited by the promotion outside of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and to which the organization traveled three times more since then, apart from being considered the birth-nation of MMA and home of many stars of BRAVE CF, including Middleweight and Lightweight world champions Daniel Gaúcho and Cleiton “Predator” and former Lightweight champions Luan “Miau” Santiago and Lucas “Mineiro” Martins, among others.

The agreement with Wohoo is just another big move by BRAVE Combat Federation in the international market, expanding the reach and impact of the largest sports media property in the whole of Asia.