Founded in 2015, KHK Holding Company is proud of the legacy and diversification in a multitude of sectors such as Sports, Media, Trading & Retail, Finance, Medical, Technology and Real Estate. Our success results from a well-defined strategy combined with informed business choices and professional management.  Adapting to an ever-changing business landscape, investing in successful partnerships and entrepreneurs across all industries.

KHK Holding create and manage a diversified portfolio of companies and subsidiaries operating across 11 countries and a proven track record of success. KHK Holding prides itself on its culture of integrity, innovation, development and value creation and works with only the best to maintain its position as a market leader.

Providing Opportunity

We invest in entrepreneurs’ ideas and value systems are consistent with those of our founders. KHK Holdings partners with innovative leaders with future thinking ideas, professional management teams with a demonstrated ability to contribute to the achievement of our strategic goals.

KHK Holding Group of Companies

Based primarily in Bahrain, our portfolio companies and partnerships represent an extremely broad range of services, with a strong focus on Sports Development and Media. Operating such a dynamic growth-orientated group of companies has given us access to world-class standards and an exhaustive knowledge from companies and sectors in which we invest, mitigating risk and necessitates our highly innovative portfolio.